YWCA is on a Mission

YWCA is on a Mission

No, we are NOT a gym, but we DO help women, children, & families grow stronger.

YWCA WNY supports over 3,000 women, children and families annually. Our programs help women attain self-sufficiency, help teens unlock their potential and build a path to success, help seniors secure safe, affordable housing that keeps them connected to the community, and help children grow in healthy, nurturing and enriched environments. We help people help themselves.

No, we DON’T have a pool, but we DO teach women drowning in abuse how to swim.

YWCA WNY has the strength to face the biggest challenges and to work towards a more just and equitable society, actively empowering women and promoting social justice for the last 146 years. We’ve done so by rallying our community, by advocating for economic empowerment, and by advancing a work and family agenda.

No, we are NOT a place to work out your body, but we DO help people work out their lives.

All who walk through our doors are treated with dignity and respect. We offer a safe place to live, skill-building for life and work, linkages to community resources, and a caring, committed staff who provide support every step of the way. However, it is those we serve who do the hard work each and every day in order to achieve their dreams.

It takes Courage. It takes Compassion. It takes Commitment. IT TAKES YOU.

You are part of a tapestry that makes our community strong. Our collective works do make a difference. Please donate today, stand with your friends and neighbors in support of YWCA WNY and help us to continue our vital work for women and families in WNY.
With gratitude,

Maureen Hammett
Chair, Board of Directors

Jill Ann Robbins-Jabine
Chief Executive Officer

P.S. – Conveniently donate online today at www.ywca-wny.org/donate