On the surface our community is booming. But it’s what’s underneath that counts.

On the surface our community is booming. But it’s what’s underneath that counts.

On the surface our community is booming. But it’s what’s underneath that counts.

On the surface our community is booming. Construction cranes downtown, a resurgence in new business activity, and renewed belief in our sports teams. By all accounts, Western New York is thriving!

On the surface.

But everyone knows it’s what’s underneath that counts. Just like every good building needs a sturdy foundation, every healthy community needs a strong support system. And our foundations still need work.

Too many women and children face domestic violence at home. Too many children are starting Kindergarten unprepared or undernourished. Too many teens are failing in school and, even worse, getting into trouble outside of school. Too many seniors lack a safe place to live or someone to look out for them.

It will take some time for the impact all these positive developments will have on our community to trickle down to the weak and vulnerable. This is where you can help. Today.

The YWCA is working to shore up our community’s foundation. Our early childhood centers offer children a fun and literacy-rich learning environment. Our housing program offers a safe place for women and children to re-build while accessing sorely-needed resources and support. And our teen programs help youth improve their college and career readiness skills through project-based, experiential after-school programming that focuses on academics, wellness and leadership development.

Your YWCA has been on the job since 1870. We’ve helped tens of thousands through times good and bad, adapting to the ever-changing needs of our world with new and innovative program solutions. Yet the one thing that has never changed has been the support of our community. Our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and the generations before them helped build the YWCA and make it great.

And now it’s our turn.

Don’t let all the promise of recent developments falter because our community can’t keep up. Please make a gift today to the YWCA. Your contribution of $50, $100, or whatever amount you are comfortable with, will be put to use right away. A gift of $50 could provide winter clothing for a child or help a struggling student succeed through literacy and math-enriched programming. Donations of $100 would bring job readiness training to victims of domestic violence on their journey toward empowerment and self-sufficiency.

We’re proud to have 100% participation in our campaign by every member of our board and staff. If the people who know the YWCA best, who see it every day, can believe in the institution, then you can too. And your support will strengthen our foundation for continued success. Click here to make a secure online donation to the YWCA.

On the surface, your contribution may seem small compared to the size of the need. But it’s what’s underneath that counts – each and every gift will have an impact beyond measure.

Thank you!

Gwen A. Howard
Chair, YWCA of WNY Board of Directors
Vice President, FoitAlbert Associates

Jill Ann Robbins-Jabine
Chief Executive Officer, YWCA of WNY